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Reaping What We Sow

On May 6, we had a Primary election in which out of 24,131 registered voters only 3,782 voted. That is 15.67% that cared enough to take the time to go out and vote. This is a travesty due to the condition our Country has evolved into. May I remind you what we are up against and if we as the people of America do not take notice and get involved in the electoral process, which is how the people choose an individual to hold a public office and suppose to represent us. But because of millions of Christians in the past elections neglected to get involved, we have allowed the increase of a Godless Nation. Yes, God is in control but He allows us to choose our own destiny, if we don’t start standing on His solid ground then we will no longer be a Free Nation. You say that can’t happen, sorry but it already is happening even more today then yesterday. 

You have heard the old adage that “what you sow you also shall reap” right? We are living in a divided Country where Family values, Faith and Freedom are being torn apart by those who sit in positions that dictate the Rule of Law. Example: Did you know that activist judges across this Country is changing the definition of marriage between a man and woman one state at a time no matter how the majority voted? They are also taking away our Freedom of speech and replacing it with Political Correctness, by telling us that we have no right to express our thoughts or beliefs because it might offend someone. Our Freedom of religion, well that too is being taken away, again by these activist judges who are telling those of Christian faith and beliefs that they can not bring God into their workplace or even run their own business with God at the helm, as one judge in New Mexico put it, “that is the price of Citizenship” when a photographer politely refused to photograph a same-sex union. Have you heard about our men and women in the military being told they cannot express their faith or even pray over another soldier and if they do they can face court martial, demoted or released from the service? We have broken families where children are being taught that it’s the government’s responsibility to provide for their needs by rewarding their parents with government assistance if they meet or keep a certain criteria. 

What about the AFA –Affordable Care Act also know as ObamaCare which in truth is turning out to be a train wreck many times over. No matter what the Liberal left including President Obama keeps saying, people are losing their insurance, their jobs, their doctors, affordable coverage and being forced to buy insurance that has doubled and in some cases tripled in cost along with high deductibles and co-pays. Even hidden within Obamacare we are being force to pay for abortions whether you want to or not. Oh how many have signed up after being told their pre-existing conditions such as cancer, lupus, or the medications needed for treatment were covered only to find out they weren’t? http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/02/16/obamacare-patients-with-serious-pre-existing-diseases-could-face-expensive-drug/ 

When you hear a candidate speak out on “No new taxes” and then in the next breath tell you “Free Healthcare” and “Sharing the Wealth” then you better start listening. There is no FREE when it comes to a liberal politician’s promise. Once in office their true goals are to make slaves of the American people by replacing the responsibility from the individual person to creating dependency on the government thru food stamps, welfare checks, Unemployment checks, housing, and now healthcare. Money needed to pay for government assistance means increasing taxes, no if, ands or buts about it. With the increased dependency of government the burden will fall on your children and grandchildren is this what you want? Don’t depend on the mainstream media, such as CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, to hear the truth. Due to them being backed by big corporations and government officials, they have in most cases refused to report and even resorted to fabricating stories in order to cover up wrong doing by those officials holding and even running for office across this country and especially in Washington DC. 

In order to live our lives according to the Rights given in the Constitution of the United States by our Founding Fathers we must as a Nation decrease the control of the Federal government. God set us free so that we don’t have to live under Tyranny but we have to take a stand and fight back for Faith, Family and Freedom. We may not always agree on certain issues but we should all agree that voting or not voting does make a difference because it does affect our lives personally. Let us pray that God continues to bless our Country. 


Waiting for handouts, Look and sound familar?