Taking a stand for Faith, Family and Freedom

I love the way you described the condition our Country is in. I am in the process of having Kris Anne come to our area this October 25, 2014 to teach on the “Roots of Liberty”. I also have been writing column pieces and Letter to the Editor for the past 6 months and hopefully have opened up a few eyes but not sure. I live in a small town and just this past weekend submitted a couple of Letters to Editors in 2 other cities and plan to expand my “What Difference Does It Make”. I believe that we need to Take A Stand and try to turn this Country back to what our God planned for this Country along with our Founding Fathers perspective of what this Great Nation was to be. The only way to do this is by asking forgiveness from our Heavenly Father, then Take up His Armor and take action by electing leaders with a Faith, Family and Freedom mentality and understand that it takes God’s guidance to run a Free Country.
I hope that you will continue to write not only in your blog but send your words out to any media and let us Take our Country back. God Bless you.

A Future Free

“Our country’s like a car broken down at the side of the road. You open up the hood and see that all the hoses and wires have been slashed. You don’t know why; you don’t know how. . . all you know is they are inoperable. So, you simply change drivers, hoping that this will fix the problem. The same goes for our contry. Today, we need mechanics, not new drivers.” [paraphrased] -KrisAnne Hall

If we’re ever to get out of the mired, tangled, dirty mess stewing in Washington, we need someone who understandsthe inner workings of our nation’s foundation–“a mechanic,” as opposed to yet another face placed at the helm of a broken down heap.

To be sure, our nation isn’t a broken down heap. Remember, a wonderful car won’t move an inch if its inner workings have been slashed; if the lifeblood it needs to survive can’t reach the motor. Such…

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