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Fighting for Liberty

On October 25, The “Roots of Liberty” seminar was held at the CVCC – Alexander Center in Taylorsville. KrisAnne Hall a Constitutional Attorney and Scholar presented the Genealogy of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Thus began a new awakening for 26 attendees that sat entranced to what could have been a mundane teaching of the Constitution but in reality turned out to be the most invigorating description of the history to how our Constitution and Bill of Rights came to life.

There are many people who believe that the Constitution is 250 years old but in reality the Constitution is almost 1000 years old. In KrisAnne’s teaching she goes back to the very foundation where many a man gave their life to secure what God gave us all which is “Liberty”. As she states in her teachings Liberty has 2 parts to it – Freedom and Morality, by this she means that with freedom alone man could do anything he wants and not care about the consequences or whom it may hurt. By adding morality to which is knowing the difference between right and wrong, man becomes aware of others and how it affects them.

Throughout history peoples’ desires were to live the way God intended for them to live. In 1066 the foundation of the Constitution began in England under a “bully” king’s rule in which laws were made like taking land away from the people without their permission, or charging high taxes and if the people were unable to pay they were imprisoned, judges ignored the laws and truth in favor of the king and his friends, and even in later years King John tried to force the people to worship God his way. The basics of principles in the Constitution came about when the people throughout history took a stand against their government and many documents like the “1100 Charters of Liberties” which promised the people that leaders had to obey the laws too, and then there was the “Magna Carta of 1215” which gave the people the right to have a voice in the kingdom. Many other documents were created and signed by these “bully” kings throughout the years as promises in which Liberty for the people would be protected. Our founding Fathers combined all the principles of these documents into what we call the “Constitution”.

KrisAnne’s teaching showed that throughout history the people knew that in order to retain their freedom they must get involved even if it meant going to war against the government. That is why we live in what is called the “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave”. We have a government that wants to control every aspect of our lives by suppressing that Liberty that so many before us fought for. Our children and grandchildren deserve to grow up in a society where Freedom and Morality is allowed to flourish. Liberty is worth fighting for.