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Faith, Family and Freedom does make a difference

It seems that people have a tendency to look the other way because of the fear of being pointed out as a hater, bigotry, non-Christian. God called His people to stand firm in His Word. No matter what happens our eternal life depends on where we will spend it.  I for one prefer to spend it praising His Holy Name, living in Heaven.

We must Take A Stand, If we sit back and do nothing then the problems in this country are ours because we did nothing. I am taking a stand, I joined a couple of groups like the TeaParty which actually stands for “Taxed Enough Already, I am involved with the Republican party mostly out of getting information to what a conservative official stands for, I go to listen to those that are running for office and I ask a lot of questions. I am also writing a column and also Letter to the Editor on the issues our Country is facing which by the way its called “What Difference Does It Make” because those that sit back and do nothing, don’t vote and those that do vote, don’t really research the background of who is running to see what they actually stood for, they see promises that are superficial, like if they don’t work then they know the government will take care of them, but at what expense are they willing to give up freedom? This is why our Country is in the mess its in it “Does Make A Difference”. We the true followers of Christ have to take on His Armor and be light and salt to this dark world. We can no longer be silent. God wants us to pray but He also expects us to take action. If it means being persecuted then so be it, thing is We have a great reward waiting for us, what do they have except an eternity of suffering beyond anything they can imagine. That is why I say Take A Stand with us, for Faith, Family and Freedom.